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Testimonials | แสดงความคิดเห็น

Please read the following testimonials of a past and presents students

“I never thought I'd be able to speak Thai well, let alone read and write it. Yet, thanks to Kruu Piraorn's classes, now I can and I had fun learning how to too.”

Carl Middleton, Ph.D – Chulalongkorn University.

“Khruu Pu is an excellent teacher. Her lessons are always fun and interesting. She is good at teaching beginners and more advanced students alike. I’ve enjoyed being taught by Khruu Pu and would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to learn Thai!”

Kim Clarke – British embassy.

“Khun Pu is an excellent teacher. She uses everyday situation to create a conversation, slowly teaching you useful and common vocabulary that you can start using right away! Her friendly and effective way of teaching makes every class a pleasant experience every class, topped by extreme motivation and energy on her part.

If you need a thai teacher that you make you feel motivated and allow you quick progress, Khun Pu is the teacher for you!”

Alicia Hartmann – Alliance France

“Kru Pu is an amazing teacher! I arrived in Thailand and a friend of mine adviced me to contact her as i was eager to learn thai language. After 4 months, I was speaking proper thai in my every day life. My teacher taught me the useful and basic words i needed! She really cares and goes at your pace. She always asks easy questions about what you like and don't in order to make you "put passat thai kha". And she will tell ypu more about thai culture and lifestyle.”

After 6 months, i started learning writing in thai! It was a great challenge and Kru Pu was so patient with me trying to make me get the different tones, accents, etc!

Learning Thai language with Kru Pu was one of the best personal and cultural experience i had in Thailand. I advice her to all of my friend and will adviced her again and again!”

Sara DEMESSE – Ambassade de France