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P & A Thai Language Centre | PและAศูนย์ภาษาของไทย

Sawasdee Kha! – สวัสดีคะ – Welcome to P and A Thai Language Centre!

To make your stay in Thailand worthwhile, learn to speak Thai with us. We have a team of highly qualified, professional Thai teachers who can help you with one of the essential skills needed for living and working in Thailand - mastering the Thai language.

We run individual and group classes based in our office, your home or your workplace, or even remotely over Skype. Book some classes with us and you will find yourself conversing with the local Thai population with surprising ease, as well as reading those previously unintelligable signs and notices.

Learning Thai makes a huge difference to your lifestyle when living here. Contact us today to arrange a trial lesson and set yourself on the path towards greater understanding of Thailand, its people and culture!